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My name is Sergei Matveyuk. I'd be honored to have the opportunity to give back to this gr

My dreams came true; I became a US citizen, was able to get a degree from a respectable university and acquired a great career. Through hard work, I was able to create a fulfilling life, the life I had always dreamed of. Eventually, I became a business owner and built financial security for my family and me. 

Now, I have an amazing wife and three children whom I love and cherish. My children have attended public schools and have learned to appreciate the freedoms this county has to offer, freedoms that were not available to me as a child growing up under communism. Throughout my entire upbringing, I was subjected to various types of discrimination and persecution, and I constantly lived in fear. 

I am running for US Congress because America is on a slippery slope toward socialism. I see a growing government who is taking away our freedoms, one by one.

The United States is not the same country that it once was, and it is painful to see what is taking place right in front of our very eyes. I lived without freedom for twenty-two years; I do not want to go back to that life, and I don't want that life for anyone else.

The end result of the progressive slide to socialism is very predictable. We will continue to lose our freedoms and it will become increasingly difficult to live in comfort and safety. Unfortunately, I know this pain firsthand; this is not something I want for my family or myself.

I made the decision to run for Congress to make a difference. As a patriot of this wonderful country, I have an obligation to give back to America, in return for what it has given me. 

My ask is that you help me keep America the land of opportunity;
we MUST protect our great country. 


My name is Sergei Matveyuk. I would be honored to have the opportunity to give back to this great nation which has allowed me to live the AMERICAN DREAM.

I am of Polish descent. My Father and Grandfather lived under socialism and were sent to the Gulag for many years because of their beliefs. Their farms and businesses were confiscated, and my uncle was killed by the government. While living in a communist country, the possibility to attend high quality schools and my dream of one day starting my own business, were far off. My life's path was directed by the government and my ability to create a decent life for my future family was nonexistent. 


Thirty-five years ago, I was privileged to leave communism and come to the GREATEST COUNTRY ON EARTH, 

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